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Jesuit Prayer Circle

Share Your Prayer Intentions

Please join us in praying for the intentions posted below. You are also encouraged to post your own personal prayer intentions so that all of us can support you in prayer.

In addition to being posted on this site, your intention will be transferred electronically to the Jesuits in Saint Louis. During their time of prayer and daily celebration of the Eucharist, the Jesuits will pray for these intentions. We thank them on your behalf. Please remember these Jesuits in your prayers also.

Please note:  All prayer requests are checked before they will appear on this site. This takes one or two days.

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Urgent prayerA PrayerUSA
Please pray for healing in all areas for 5 people with very serious illness (2 are fighting for their lives) and their family. Please pray for God's guidance and protection and knowledge of His presence during this very difficult time. Please pray for all to fulfill the calling that God has on their lives. Please pray for one of them to be able to eat again….he needs to do so to live. Thanks so much and God, please Bless each of you
Daughter and FamilyToddColumbus, Ohio
Please pray for my 16-year-old daughter as she deals with an eating disorder. Please pray that she be healed and for help getting through the healing process. Please also pray for my wife and me, that we best support our daughter and each other as we go through this. Finally, please pray that this whole ordeal be turned to the good. Thank you, and God bless your ministry.
Healing of family; saving marriage; financial helpJodiNew Orleans
Please pray for my husband who is lost and is commiting adultery. Pray for healing for our family. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
For a personal situation. For me to trust God.
RelationshipJohnUnited States
Heavenly Father, I give up to you my business and my deep desire to help your church. Please help me find the strength and motivation to accomplish this. Please give me the knowledge and the wisdom to do what is right to be successful in this business. Please open Jessica’s heart and mind to return to the business so we could make it a success for you. I thank you lord for all the blessings that you have given me.
Prayer requests for me & othersMariaAustralia
Please pray for a very successful second eye operation without complications of Steven John Ramsay. In Jesus’ Name. Amen Thank you very much.
Please pray that I, Maria, may be cancer-free of everything forever, free from all diseases, & all my family too.
Prayers for a miracle, protection, good newsAngela L.Missouri
My son in law, Joshua dale Watson, is fighting brain cancer tumor. He is a husband and has four small children. Prayers for an uplift to his mood too.
Healing of leg ulcersKKMalaysia
Jesus Lord I ask for mercy & a miracle. Please heal my many leg ulcers soon & do not let them get any worse. Please cure the excruciating pain, infection, poor venous return of blood, water retention and messy discharge.
I ask this through Mary Our Mother. Amen.
Medical Healing & Another Chance for RelationshipHowardUnited States
Asking for a medical healing both physical and mental. Also for Karen to give me another chance. Thanks for your prayers.
Ms. Pat NullCindy S.Jeannette, PA
Happy Birthday!!
I humbly ask for your prayers for God to shine His favor upon me and create a path to open communications between myself and Amy.
Heavenly Father, I pray for your blessing and guidance in finding my calling that will glorify you. I pray that you open Jessica’s heart to come back to me so we could run this business that we started together. I pray that you give me the strength to be faithful to you as I contemplate my calling.
ReconciliationNN JIndonesia
Please intervene, God. I'm hurt inside, please pray for Damianus Aditya Christie and myself. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him, I have been struggling with pain for the past 4 years. I know You know my pain, God. You always know what has happened because You see everything. Father you say, knock and the door will be opened to you. I come with a broken heart, I feel hopeless and emptyness. I depend on you and still hope, please pity me Father, please soften and touch Damianus Aditya Christie's heart for me. I can't touch his heart, I know that prayer is a powerful thing. Only God can change people's hearts. Please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities because God, You have power to help me.
For a struggling marriageNancyNE
Please pray for a young couple with a 2-year old son who is greatly struggling in their marriage. Pray God's will be done for this family. Thank you and God bless.
Health and peaceAgnaldo H.Brasil
Please pray for Luis Kiyoshi Hasegawa, for Luisa Matiko Hasegawa, and their family. Thanks!
Protection, health, miraclesSara L.Sydney
Plz pray that God protects me and my mom from all bad happenings.
Thank you very much,
Sara L.
Prayers for trip and quick recoveryAbbeyUSA
Please pray that I recover from my cold quickly, we are going on a family trip this weekend. Please pray that it is also a safe trip. Please pray for my husband and children that they stay healthy. Please pray for guidance so that we choose the best school for our children. Thank you for your prayers. I will also keep you in our prayers.
Prayers for me and othersMariaAustralia
Please pray that I, Maria Llave, be free of cancer and all other physical diseases and ailments. I pray the same for my ancestors, parents, my brothers and sisters Boyet, Marifin, Fara, Fe, Stella & all their families too & also all our loved ones. May all my medical tests, eye tests, blood tests, ultrasound results, ct scan results be always good & favourable forever. May Steven & his family too & all cancer victims be cured forever, all the sick peoples of the world also, that cure for all cancers be found soon.
Relationship with JessicaJohnMesa
Heavenly Father, I pray that you give me the strength and heal my broken heart. I pray that you give me the patience and understanding to forgive and love without any reservation. I pray that Jessica opens her heart and forgives me for being controlling toward her and that she comes back to me so we could run our business together.
Healing, conversion & special intentionsBro Anthony ChungUSA
  1. For the complete healing of Maureen Amirault, Mario Costanza, and Caroline Marie Gavin, and for all of their spiritual and temporal needs.
  2. For the complete and ongoing conversion of Brother Alexander, especially from his problems with wasting time, procrastination, laziness, excessive talkativeness, lack of listening, lack of prudence, immaturity, rashness, stubbornness, and negativity.
  3. By God's Mercy may all sinners be converted, none of the dying be lost, and many souls be released daily from purgatory, and may they, along with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, all the Angels and Saints ceaselessly intercede for all of our needs and intentions, and may prayers be ceaselessly offered for all peoples, all intentions, and for everything.
MarriageAnthonyNew York
That God blesses me with a Godly wife.
Melissa MelendezMary AnneOrange, CT
For her personal strength and faith while she is supporting the needs of her family.
For the soul of Nick R., his mother, Donna, and wife, Janelle & babiesEyleenCalifornia
My dear friend's son died unexpectedly at age 40, leaving behind a wife, baby and one on the way.
For my friend Peggy and her familySuzanneSaint Louis, MO
Please pray for my friend Peggy who has been in a serious bike accident. She has multiple serious injuries and is in critical condition. Please pray for a complete recovery for her and also pray for her family. Thank you!
For career discernment, direction and opportunitiesJeremyChicago, IL
I took a break from my career in September 2016 and need God's help and direction to re-engage in meaningful full-time employment.
DeliveranceJohn XavierKuala Lumpur Malaysia
I am John Xavier from Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA.
Please pray for a deliverance
I am in financial difficulty / crisis.
Please pray for a heavenly intervention to set me free from this ordeal
Dans S; Catherine & ClaudiaDeeColorado
Healing for Dan & Catherine; reconciliation for Claudia. Peace for/with Terri C.
Against DiscriminationRicheeFlorida
Dear family, I am enduring servere descrimination from associates at work. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
Jennifer WhippleThomasDenver
Prayer for the repose of the soul of Jennifer Whipple.
Margaret ZadowThomasDenver
Prayer for the repose of the soul of Margaret Zadow.
Patrick ZadowThomasDenver
Prayer for the repose of the soul of Patrick Zadow.
New home, health, RCIAAnnNorristown PA
Please ask God to bless my daughter and son-in-law with a home, they’ve been looking for a year in a tough market, health for my husband, and should I continue to volunteer for RCIA. All according to God’s will. Bless you.
Pls pray for my husband Wesley Rodrigues that Jesus may fill his heart with his love, the presence and living spirit of God may come over him and speak to his hardened heart. Pls pray for my inlaws William and Felina that Jesus may fill their hearts with his love. They have filed a divorce case in the court.
Pls pray that I Freda Silveira may be filled with the living spirit, love and peace of jesus.
Don CarrollCindy S.Jeannette, PA
Prayers are requested for Don Carroll as he endured a life-threatening disease.
Patsy NullCindy S.Jeannette, PA
Patsy is a dear friend of Fr. Paul Osterle, SJ, and has recently suffered major surgery and upon her recovery from this surgery will have the same surgery repeated in 3 months.
Healing from addiction for nephew and sisterBobSan Francisco, CA
Christ's healing for my nephew battling a heroin addiction - give him strength to stay straight with this life-long scourge.
- Sister to address her drinking problem and get healthy spiritually, mentally and physically
Please pray for Malcolm Anthony Francis Ferrao, Jane Catherine Ferrao, Shawn Anthony Ferrao, and Nicole Antonette Ferrao.
Healing and BlessingBrentNineveh, Indiana
For Brent, pray for healing of throat bleeding and throat pain. For Brent, Whitten, Asher, Steven, Nancy, and Michael, pray for blessings, protection, success, and abundant good health. Thank you and God Bless.
ConversionAlfred BMachias, Maine
Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his conversion to true faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray for the salvation of his soul. Pray for his healing spirit, soul, and body. Ask God to reveal his love to Eric. He needs God’s healing love to flow through his life. Please pray that he will come to know The Sacred Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary. He needs The Blessed Mother’s Kindly Motherly love and care.
Gabino (Gabby) BeltranSusanHouston, Texas
Please pray for my son with leukemia.
Prayers for DerekDerekUSA
Please pray for Derek.
St. Michael protect us. Amen.
Cure and healing of sicknessKKMalaysia
Please pray that Christina will be healed of her fever, chest infection, intestinal obstruction and all her other ailments. Let her be comfotable and at peace.
Please pray for cure of my leg ulcers and poor venous return. Let there be assistance for me over the holiday period. Please God grant us the petitions of our daily prayers.
HealthSusanDeerfield, Illinois
Please pray for the continued good health of myself and my mother.
Work and financial stabilityJPManila, Philippines
Claim this through your prayers and guidance
Brother's healthMimaMissouri
My brother is diabetic and can't control sugar with meds. After an accident some years ago he suffered brain injury and he is not doing well. He lives alone. Please pray his health improves.
For Maria and OthersMariaSydney, Australia
Please pray for the following: Thank you Maria L & family members, all loved ones, friends, neighbours, relatives, enemies, Tibs, Boyet & their conversions, J, KS, Mary Z & F, Maria & family, MB, M, N, MP & family, CR, EI, Pres D, refugees, displaced, poor, hungry, sick, homeless, needy, the abused, poor souls in purgatory, world peace, good honest world leaders, conversion of sinners esp SJR, DL, BL & protect us from all evils, our protection from all catastrophes & calamities earthquakes etc, terrorist-free world, those in need of prayers, all safe & prosperous MD, C, all parishioners, Fr Carl & people I need to pray for. Pls pray God Almighty gives Fe L a very good husband who will help her & family financially & spiritually ASAP forever, PJU, RND & others will successfully help Fe ASAP, she be accident free, arthritis & disease-free.
Christi Herron BorchatChristineWatsonville
Single mother of 4 massive heart attack 24 dec in coma, unresponsive.  Her children have no one else
Mrs. Allison Courtenay, healthTerrenceNew Orleans, La
Young mother in her 30's with 2 very young children battling stage 4 breast cancer.
Please pray that the medical examinations I have to undergo will be successful, show negative and "all clear" results with no complications and will not cause me distress. Also, that my sister will be well cared for whiile I have to be away.
Lord please grant us the petitions of our daily prayers. Please heal our ailments, take away the pain and let me be able to go through Tuesday's examinations successfully with good results. Please heal Lin's chest troubles & help us with financial problems.
For my husbandTelmaWeston
I pray that my husband Manny may be free of a bad spirit. He is not the same in a long time and is destroying our relationship. Since his mother passed away he became agressive and angry with life and people around. He used to have an Oedipus type relantionship - a kind of obsession for each other and very dependent on each other. I was always put aside. I need help with him because I can't stand it anymore. Thanks for your prayers.
Special IntentionBr. AlexUSA
For all Priests, Religious, Deacons, and Consecrated Souls, both living and deceased, especially for the repose of the souls of Fathers Larry Dunn, MIC and Joseph Kane, OMI, for all the souls in Purgatory, the eternal salvation of all the dying, and the conversion of all sinners.
EmergencyDerekCollege Park
I'm in immense danger. I need help
Please pray for the continued good health of myself and my mother.
Healing of wife's blood pressureThomasIllinois
My wife is having issues with high blood pressure. Please pray for her healing.
Healing of sonRhondaIllinois
My son is having severe neck pain and vision problems. Please pray for healing of his eyes and relief of the neck pain.
Husband's heart and cardiovascular healingRondaIllinois
My husband, Thomas, is having serious heart and cardiovascular issues. Please pray for 100% healing of his heart. He needs a miracle. Thank you!
Parish MissionSt. Mary's ChurchMinnesota
We humbly ask for your prayers for our parish mission in the cities of Foreston and Milaca of Minnesota, USA. In December 2017, Father Gaffney (Sacred Heart Apostolate) will be assisting all the families of our parishes to consecrate their homes and families to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Please pray that this mission will be successful and that our parish communities will be blessed abundantly and receive the graces that the Lord loves to give to the souls that enthrone His Sacred Heart in their homes.

Thank you for your commitment to our Lord and Savior; we are so grateful for your prayers!

Ad majorem Dei Gloriam
DiscernmentAdrianaFuquay-Varina, NC
I would like to request that you please remember my dear friend Jeffrey L, in your prayers. He's discerning a vocation to the priesthood, and is also searching for some spiritual and emotional peace. I know that with God's help, he'll lead a very productive life of charity and service. His special patron is St. John Paul II, so prayers for his intercession are especially appreciated. (If you could remember me in your intentions as well, I would be very grateful!) Thank you so much!
Spiritual ProtectionLawrenceEngland
Please can you pray for my work situation. I need this job because jobs are not easy to find. However, within the past 2 years I worked there I have many times had to deal with some persons who have no sense of spirituality and belief in God and often make insulting degrading sexual remarks. One person in particular tells lies and makes up stories about me thinking it is something funny. He is constantly talks degradingly about women behind their backs.

He is constantly cursing. He gets away with a lot of his behaviour because some management are tolerant and in some ways similar but not totally. I always start my day asking God that I can have strong body, see ways to serve others, do my job well and have good work relationships. I see myself possibly working another year before finding another job.
Speedy RecoveryBrigitteHaiti
My brother, Dameus, was involved in a hit and run car accident on Sunday, 11/26. He sustained injuries to the head. Please pray for his speedy recovery. May the Lord save his life. Amen.
God's WillLisa H.Paris, KY
Pray for God's love and mercy to deliver all great blessings on MCT.
Healing for 21-yr old CodieMargaretSt. Louis
Codie will have brain surgery on Nov. 22nd to relieve uncontrollable seizures.
Healing for 4-yr old CooperMargaretSt. Louis
Cooper is undergoing chemo for cancer.
Mercy, protection, deliveranceMaureenVirginia
Please pray for my deliverance, protection from enemies and the end of trials and suffering. Thanks!
Job and EmploymentRoryDubai
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Please help pray for me to find a job, I have two kids to support for their needs at school and in our home.

Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Protection and miraclesSaraSydney
My name is Sara L, please pray God protects me and my mom (Aamane 'Aamaneh') from all bad happenings, and evil eyes. please pray and break every single satanic power in my life and in my mother's life. and that God makes me and my mom completely happy as he promised.

Please pray powerfully for me that I get my miracles (for years I've been waiting for my miracles), then I can marry (nashan). I'm tired of a lonely life, please pray God almighty gives me my miracles and makes me happy soon too.

Also I need finance miracle to do what I promised to God and to buy a nice home for myself and a nice one for my parents. My mom has a lot problems here so needs a nice home.

I pray always, but sometimes I hear and see dangerous and scary things, make me free from them please.
Healing of WoundsKhengMalaysia
Please pray for healing of pain, sores, infection, swelling of right lower leg. Please let there be a good response to the treatment.
Special IntentionsBobIowa
Please pray with me for a strong sense of direction in my life and some open doors. I feel blocked from any kind of vocation or career path. I also pray for some close friendships in my life, and if God wills, a long-term relationship leading to marriage.
Healing of ankle soresKKMalaysia
Please pray that my venous stasis ankle ulcers will heal soon, including healing of swollen leg, pain, infection. That I will be cured of the intentse pain, infection, swelling and defective blood flow in my leg.
Healing of my daughterLilleethGoose Creek, SC
I pray that God opens doors for her to make all good choices with her children and that God be in her heart.
Healing of soresIPenang
Please pray that the sores on my right lower leg will heal soon and that the pain, swelling and inflammation will be cured. Pray also that petitions in my daily prayers will be answered.
Rick & NadiaSusanCypress, TX
The soul of Rick and comfort for his wife Nadia, for daughter to move back home and return to the Faith.
Prayer requests for me & othersMariaSydney
Pray God takes good care of Tibs all his life. He needs God to take care of him always. Pls pray if he is meant for me God makes it possible. Pls pray that God enlightens him to be always good, kind, courteous, generous & patient with me, love me unconditionally, be faithful to me always & take good care of me. Help me financially & spiritually ASAP, pray for Tibs total Catholic conversion ASAP.
Health and protection for me and dear onesMary AnneTowson, MD
I have pain and weakness due to many surgeries.
For soul of Jesuit Fr. Peter Kim Se MangAgnesMalaysia
Dearest God of Resurrection,

Gather my prayers set before You as incense, for the soul of Fr. Peter Kim Se Mang, SJ, that he may rest in the warm certitude of Your perpetual light, care and love. Amen.
Prayer for a struggling teenagerDanKansas City
Please pray for my 17 year old son Matthew. He is struggling to make good choices in his life.
Successful SurgeryPhyllisBuffalo, NY
Please pray for my son Craig's successful surgery on Tuesday, Sept 19th. God Bless You!
Finances for the familyAdonis B.Danao City, Philippines
I need prayers to break a financial crisis and restore financial blessings.
Please pray. AmenDerekUSA
Please pray for Derek Solomon. He is in prison. St. Jude, pray for us. Amen. IHS
Recovery from sicknessK.K.Malaysia
Please pray that: the sore & infection in my right lower leg will heal soon; no more cardiac arrhythmias; will not lose my balance or memory; Sister Christina will recover from chest infection, pressure sore, insomnia, itchiness, depression; petitions of our daily prayer will be granted.
Financial aid for hernia surgeryCraigHouston, Texas
From the hurricane I have a hernia and need surgery. I have no medical insurance. Also my car was flooded and is totalled. Thank you and God bless you.
Prayers for HealingBill and DebbieLouisiana
Prayers to heal Bill from leukemia and heart blockages and side effects from medications. Prayers to heal Barry's kidney and help him with dialysis and possible kidney transplant. Prayers to heal Doris from chronic pain and weakness and hearing loss and dental pain . Prayers to help Debbie adjust to lower denture and stop pain and anxiety.

Thank you for praying for our family.
Your spiritual support is greatly needed and appreciated.
MiracleAlex and ChristinaHawaii
We pray for peace, mercy, fortitude and grace. We pray that we receive the miracle we both seek which opens many doors. We pray for our future together so that we may dedicate ourselves to the task of uplifting all in need. We pray for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those we encounter: strengthening faith where faith is found; nurturing faith where faith is little; and planting the seed of faith in barren fields where none is found. Save us so together we can do your work. In this time of great need, we ask for these things in your name, Lord Jesus Christ.
Sell my businessJPPhilippines
Lord, please help me start a new business and open doors of opportunities.
Sell Home and Tour RequestGaynelLouisiana
Please pray that I am able to sell my home and that I reaceive the tour that I requested.
Recovery from illnessKKPenang, Malaysia
Please pray that Lin will recover soon from a chest infection, depresion, pressure sore,and leaking stoma.
Please pray that Kheng will not have arrhythmias and will be able to see and hear; that Lin and Kheng will not suffer from dementia, loss of memory, falls, and loss of balance. Thank You!
Thanks for your help...
Please pray to Jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success. Also pray to God for my friends named Oksana Nastia and Ioulia in Kiev. Nastia is sick and poor and her mother Oksana is a widow; sometimes she is very tense and agressive. May God free her from all evil.
Also Jesus help Nastia to remain in good health and be a good christian young woman and succeed in her studies; also Ioulia a poor christian grand-mother. This family needs prayers and help from God also Nastia must undergo surgery for her teeth. Please ask God to make sure she will be ok and does not suffer.
Ludovic Sarraz-Bournet, France
I want to be solvent financially and be free of a bankrupt marriage. Sorry I am very sad and depressive; I can't stand my life at the moment.
For my health, well-being and the child I am expectingElizabethCalifornia
I am 28 weeks pregnant and having some medical setbacks. I pray for the health and well-being of my unborn child as well as myself. That I am able to carry my child to term and that he is born healthy and strong.
For my deceased Aunt LueLillethSouth Carolina
Please pray for the departed soul of my Aunt Lue who passed away July 31st and who gave her life to the Lord. God bless you.
Healing and for a great jobLilleethSouth Carolina
Pray for my daughter to find a great paying job after graduating from college. Also pray to heal her anxiety and depression and forgive her sister for making bad life choices. God bless.
For a friend and her childrenJeffUSA
For the well being an happiness of a friend and her children.
Job SearchJeffSouth Dakota
For success in finding a social work job in West River, SD. Interviewed for a job on the Rosbud Sioux Indian Reservation and will interview for a job in Rapid City.
Healing for Peter Howlett in the UKLileethGoose Creek, SC
Please pray for Peter Howlett who had a heart attack, for his surgery and full recovery, and for his elderly parents whom he takes care of. God bless!
Strengthening of mom's healthSusanUSA
Back and hip
Healing for friend with cancerDianeNew Orleans
Lislie is a 36 yr old married mother of two just diagnosed with cancer. Please pray as she begins her treatment protocol of 18 months.
Healing for a teenager Dakota MJoeOmaha
Please pray for Dakota suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. He is in critical condition.
Survivors healingMaryAlbuquerque
All abused, abusers, enablers, healers
Renewal of Faith and VocationLexieMelbourne, Australia
My husband Rod and I used to be missionaries among the poor in Asia. we needed to leave 3 years ago and have felt lost, spiritually and vocationally since then. Please pray for direction as well as healing and renewal of faith.
Please pray for the healing and strengthening of my motherMicheleColumbus
My mother is having surgery and facing cancer treatments.
Prayers for DeceasedMelanieTexas
RIP - Thelma D Santos and Lilia Arambulo
May eternal light shine upon them.
Prayers for Derek +IHSDerekUSA
Please pray for Derek for 9 years please; he is in prison. IHS - INRI - Amen - Lord have mercy - Amen.
Life guideTelmaWeston
Health, work, love and family;
My friend Ana Tavares;
My daughter's college.
Health and moneyThereseVentura
All I want is my period to be heavy, and I want it every month and to win some big money then my borther and his family will not have to move in with me. It is so very very important to me. I am so very very super sad. Please pray for me.
Recovery from illnessK.K.Malaysia
Please pray that Christina will be rid of her fever, urinary problems, bed sores, mouth ulcers and that she will recover quickly. That she will not have to be sent to the hospital again.
For all the newly ordained priestsJohn P.Ann Arbor, Michigan
May you find joy and strength in your vocation and support from us — your Catholic family.
PregnancyPaolaBelo Horizonte, Brazil
Lord, allow Paola Barros to fulfill her desire to be a mother.
For Good HealthShawnKentucky
Please pray for the health of Shawn K, especially pray the rosary.
Repose of soulMelanieTexas
For ERZ.
Recovery from health problemsK.K.Malaysia
Please pray that Lin's huge bed sore will heal soon, that we get a suitable and good maid, that Lin's impending respiratory infection will be cured without any complications.
For the soul of Ryland KennedyLaraSt. Louis
A young life taken too soon.
Please pray for my sister who has been diagnosed with bone cancer.
Alicia S. and Rizal A.AliciaPhilippines
Please pray for Alicia: for the healing of all sickness and pain; for her check-up to be OK; for her financial, spiritual, work problems; for her to be able to go to Canada. For the intentions of Rizal: for him to be healed of all illness and pain; for solutions to his financial, spiritual, legal problems on old age pension; for him to be able to go to Canada. For the souls of Anastacio, Amparo, Sotero, Lucia Alan Sr, Ramon Magdalena and all souls in purgatory. Thank you and God bless.
Allan, Nobelle, & Andrei BugtasAliciaPhilippines
Please pray for intentions of Allan, Nobelle, & Andrei Bugtas: for their good health, healing of all illness and pain, skin problems, for them to survive in Canada and have a better life. For their 2nd child to be healthy and normal. Thank you and God bless.
Prayer Request for IELTS ResultJohn PaulSaudi Arabia
Please pray for me that I may obtain an IELTS (International English Language Test System) band score of 7 or above in all components from the exam I took, as I am waiting the result.
Thank you!
---john paul
To get a job & health of friends, family & repose of a soulLisetteChicago, IL
Please, God answer my prayers & help me to get and find a full-time suitable paying job & heal all the sick people that I pray for especially for my face to be healed & R.W. to walk again, and repose soul of Todd Perkins. Thank you.
Please pray for my sisterCandiceIllinois
Please pray for my sister Mary Mason. Married in the Catholic Church over 30 years ago; & her spouse is seeing another woman & wants a divorce. He has not repented and is living with his girlfriend. The divorce is being heard before a judge on 5/10/17. Pray that the judge is fair & merciful to my sister, as her spouse is not willing to pay spousal support of any kind.

Mary contracted Hepatitis C through a blood transfusion. She is in the care of a specialist; but all treatments have not worked. Hep C has progressed to cirrhosis. Her doctor has one more treatment for Hep C that was recently developed; & he believes she is a good candidate. Once the virus is out of her bloodstream; she can be placed on a list for a liver transplant.
Recovery from sickness, getting good maid.K.K.Malaysia
Please pray that Christina will recover quickly and completely from her illness, healing of the bed sore, that we find a suitable maid soon. Please pray for all our intentions.
Polly Holbrook of Oxford UKClara S.Oxford UK
Polly has cancer of the throat and windpipe. She is a Woman of God with a strong Faith. She asks for help through the Spirit for extreme exhaustion and fatigue, acute anxiety and continual tiredness. Sleeplessness and swallowing difficulties. Mother of 3 and Grandmother of 8. Thank you from Clare a friend and prayer partner.
Speedy RecoveryRicheeFlorida
Blessed Father, hollowed be thy name. Yalanda has been afflicted with a lower back pain. Please pray for her speedy recovery. In Jesus name. Amen.
Prayer for friend who is missing for 14 daysNishaKarnataka, India
Dear friends, I'm asking prayers for my would be who went missing from April 13, 2017. He was suffering with depression and in treatment. His name is Keerthi. Kindly pray for him to come back home please.
Health and moneyThereseVentura
Please pray that my period be heavy every month and that I may win some big money so that my brother and his family do not have to move in with me. It is so very very important and I am so very super sad. Please pray for me.
Justice for the people of FloridaRicheeFlorida
Please pray that some towing companies will stop their predatory practices of scamming the public. Many Florida residents are leaving routine visits with family and friends who live in apartment complexes to find that their car had been towed away. Some even panic in the belief that their car may have been stolen. That's because they have fallen victim to the clandestine tactics of predatory towing companies who make their living off scamming the public. These evil towing companies will often send a scout to a residential complex to target visitors who park their cars on the property. Then the scout will observe the visitor leaving the parking area before radioing their tow truck to come and tow the car away without providing the visitor any prior warning. They will often provide some poor excuse for towing the visitor's car. The people are in desperate need of a ministry of justice which is unattached to the government who can defend the rights of the people when the government lacks the resources, or if the government is not available to defend the people. The laws under which these predatory towing companies operate in the state of Florida must be reviewed and these laws must be changed in order to relieve the people from this great burden. The predatory tactics implemented on the people by predatory towing companies are excessive, and the financial burden being forced on the people is substantial. Thank you for your prayers and support. In Jesus name. Amen.
Sarah HowlettLileethGoose Creek, SC
Please pray for the restoration of my daughter's health from drug addiction, to open her heart to Jesus and return to caring for her children who are suffering in her absence in their lives. God Bless you.
Fred and DebLiletthGoose Creek, SC
Fred's health is deteriorating mentally and physically, and his wife Deb has cancer. They both need a miracle to restore their health in Jesus' Name.
Chris RedmanLileethGoose Creek, SC
Inoperable cancer of the liver. Given 6 months to live and needs a miracle and uplifting prayer to regain his health.
Miracle to touch his heartNINA
Heavenly Father, help me. You know my pain; You always know what was happened because You see everything. I come with a broken heart, Father, You know how long I have waited for a reconciliation and restoree relations between me and him. God if you deign, please soften and touch Damianus' heart for me. I can’t touch his heart, but Lord you can. Please bless those who hate me, don't let their hatred make them proud. I always try to be strong, but to be honest I was deeply hurt. I surrender my life to you. I’m putting the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please make this miracle happen for me.
Restoration of marriage and familyEvaSlovakia
Pray that I remain very pleased about the will and strength of my husband Patrick, let there be no evidence of sin and evil.
Prayer for conversion, success and marriageNgangho NelsonJapan
Please pray for God to bless my studies with success as I start a new academic year, so that I may graduate at the end. Pray for God to help me obtain the travel document I am waiting to receive and my permanent residence card. Pray for the conversion of my parents and my brothers and sisters in the family. Please also pray that I may find a good life partner for marriage according to the will of God.
For my Ignatian Vision ClassAndrew S and Joe HSt. Louis
For the well being of my class, and for any prayer intentions my class might have in their hearts.
FamilyCarlos V.Colorado
Please, pray for me and, also, pray in the intention of the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues (Rosa Madrigal, Armando Gutierrez, Christina Cervantes, Bernardo Vasquez, and Carlota Gutierrez) In Christ, Carlos V
HealingTelma F.Weston
Healing my headache and migraine. Thanks for all the love and care and for all the prayers.
Protection and HealingShellyColorado
Please pray for the Intercessors of the Trinity core team for their protection against all evil. Place us underneath his shield (Psalm 91) for spiritual protection. Pray for all the intentions of those that come to our prayer group each Tuesday evening.
    Special prayers for:
  1. Carole-stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer
  2. Eileen- ALS
  3. Jim -colon cancer and spot on his liver
  4. Dave-cancer
  5. Jon & Noel-for a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery
  6. Brooke- (12 yrs) neuroblastoma cancer
  7. Kerby Family- for protection for all family members
  8. Jean-lung cancer
  9. Dave-healing of eyes
  10. Mike-back
  11. Ken-cancer
Prayers for SusieCindyUS
I am requesting prayers for my cousin Susie Hume. She is recuperating from surgery for Breast Cancer and undergoing follow-up radiation treatments. Thank you.
Successful biopsyJackMiramar Beach, FL
Successful biopsy outcome for my good friend Tom.
For the relief of financial stressDwaneCalifornia
Please help my financial stress pass so that I can focus on being a patient and loving father to three wonderful girls. Lord hear my prayer.
Prayer for protection and favourNganghoTexas
Please pray that God may continue to protect me and the members of the family to which I belong from all evil. Pray also especially that God may help me get the travel documents I need before I travel. Pray for the conversion of my parents and brothers and sisters.
Healing of Pressure SoreLinMalaysia
Please pray that Lin's bed sore will heal soon without further intervention. That it will not cause her so much pain. Please let her gain strength and recover smoothly.
Healing and Financial HelpLileethGoose Creek, SC
Please pray for me as I have a total knee replacement on 3/6/17 and my upcoming spinal implant. To find the help I need to pay my rent while undergoing these physical difficulties.
For Desmet Jesuit Alum Bill MuellerChrisMissouri
7 years of cancer and just returned from Boston General Hospital. For his wife Michelle and daughters Emma, Maria, and Carolyn. Saint Louis, MO
I need money to purchase a small, beautiful house with two bedrooms and attached baths. Please pray for my need.
For my deceased MotherEmilio and Rosa LindaTexas
Pray for the soul of my Mother, that she may have eternal Peace with God the Father in heaven.
Recover from illnessLimMalaysia
Please pray for K.I. that her bed sore will heal quickly, that she will be rid of the chest infection and fever. Please let her be mobile and recover from present illnesses soon.
For Camilla Pollack FlynnThereseMO
For Camilla, who is fighting cancer and facing surgery which will end her ability to speak.
For my son's healingCaroleIN
My son was hospitalized and needs prayers for healing. Please pray for V. who has physical, financial and emotional melt down.
Recovery from sickness & home careLimMalaysia
Please pray that Christina will not be depressed, will not do anything to harm herself, will recover soon. That we will be prepared and be able to care for her on her return home.
For me Mufide Mary R and my dear familyM. MaryLA
For Jesus sake please pray for me Mufide Mary R and my dear family for God's Will and for the soul of my mother Nedime R and all dear ones living and dead that I ought to pray for for God's Will.
Please can you pray for my brother Ali R and his parents and all his bothers, sisters and all the children of the family and dear relatives and dear people for conversion and salvation as soon as possible with no trouble and danger at all.
I had an accident and my car was totalled. That I will be able to get my money in full from the insurance. There are false witness against me because I am not from here. I need your prayers for this and for my finances to be healed and for my my teeth to be treated and healed. I have no insurance and very expensive.
My son is having serious upper sinus surgery on Friday, February 3rd. Side effects could be blindness, brain effects, etc. He has had problems for years and 2 previous surgeries of the lower sinus, but this time they are going further up. Really sick for last year. Also pray that he has the grace to quit smoking.
Protection and healingShellyColorado
Please pray for the Intercessors of the Trinity core team for their protection against all evil. Place us underneath his shield (Psalm 91) for spiritual protection.
Pray for all the intentions of those that come to our prayer group each Tues evening.
Special prayers for:
  1. Carole-stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer
  2. Eileen- ALS
  3. Jim -colon cancer and spot on his liver
  4. Dave-cancer
  5. Jon & Noel-to conceive a child
  6. Brooke- neuroblastoma cancer
  7. Deacon Jerry-esophagus cancer which has gone to the liver and metastasized
  8. Kerby Family- for protection for all family members
  9. Jean-lung cancer with 4 very small lesions in her brain.
  10. Dave-healing of eyes
  11. Michaela-lung cancer
  12. Mike-back
Blessings, Shelly
Scott ThackerDennisUSA
Scott has stage 4 incurable cancer.
Dedicated priest for our parishJeanne M.Colorado
St. Jude, intercede unceasingly that the Montelores Catholic Community gets a priest who is truly dedicated to God, His teachings, & dogmas of His Church as we are being led astray by priests who pick & choose which dogmas to follow. Bring all priests back to You. Thank You for the many good priests You have given to us. Amen.
For my DadGene W.Georgia
My wonderful Dad's 90th birthday. Francis Gerard Xavier was a true servant of Christ and the best father any child could ask for. Please pray that he's enjoying the fruits of heaven.
Remove obstacles in marriageNora J.Kerala India
Please pray for me to get a positive response from Sansons family and to make our marriage as soon as possible.
Conversion of a loved oneRegiePhilippines
Total conversion of my loved one, Flora Mae, to embrace christian faith and to live a christian life.
Healing of bed sore, success of home careLimMalaysia
Please pray that Christina's huge bed sore will heal soon and that it will not cause her such great pain. Success of home care for her when she is discharged from the hospital.
For SandyBarbaraConnecticut
Please pray for my wonderful friend she had a stroke/aneurysm yesterday and is in critical condition please pray that God heals her with his healing hands of love.. Her family is devastated. Thank you!  Barbara
To get closer to GodMattOregon
Lord, Open me to contemplate the mystery of your Being in every moment;
empty me of myself and replete my being with Yours.
Send me out as a deliverer of Christ’s light to others;
and ready me to meet Christ in all others and in all things.
Move me to discern the movements of your Holy Spirit;
and to examine my own spirit.
Order my attachments to your creation;
detach me from what obscures you,
and attach me to your will.
May my ‘yes’ mean ‘yes,’ for your greater glory.
For my marriageRobertMassachusetts
That my wife and I may be given the graces necessary for healing and reconciliation in our marriage.
For Derek +IHS.DerekUSA
+IHS. St.Jude pray for us. Amen. Please pray for Derek for 4 years  Please. he is not able to attend Sunday Masses +INRI. suffering persecution
Libertad para VenezuelaJuanFlorida
Oremos por Venezuela
Pray for Lost Family & friendsRichardBarkhamsted, CT
Please pray that I may find some strength to deal with multiples losses—I am struggling very much with these losses.
Prayer to cancel jury trial 1/3/17JeanneColorado
Heavenly Father, in Jesus name, please grant me this request: that the Jury trial for January 3, 2017 be cancelled, so that I do not have to report, drive on bad roads, and my dog will be OK. PLEASE! Thank You for all You have done for me. Amen.
Steve G. & wife's unexpected deathPaulaColorado
Support and lift Steve Goodavish up in prayer to help him through this challenging time.
Healing of Mary's cancerMary G.Saint Louis, MO
Please pray for complete healing from my cancer. Thank you, Mary Gioia.
Recovery from illness and lost jacketK. K.Malaysia
Please pray for my sister C.K.L.Lim who is in intensive care in hospital so that she will respond to treatment, recover soon, be able to breathe on her own without oxygen & the equipment, that her bed sores will heal, that no other complications set in & that her lost jacket will be found. Please pray that we will be able to manage her on discharge from hospital & that she will be back for Christmas. Thank you very much. K.K.Lim.
Response to treatment and full recoveryChristinaPenang, Malaysia
Please pray that Christina will respond to doctors' treatment and recover fully soon. That she can breathe on her own and her bed sores will heal without any futher complications.
Trust, guidance, forgivenessMeredithMichigan
Please pray that I may find confidence in myself to move past my insecurities and past regrets and place full trust in the path that God is leading me towards. Please pray that I stay strong against my temptations and follow through. Please pray that others can forgive me and that I may repair relationships. I also ask for your prayers for a friend who is struggling that they may find comfort and confidence to keep moving forward. Thank you.
God's help, mercy and protectionShahanaKolkata, India
Please pray for me so that I get a positive answer from Nurul H. and Gulam M. so that my problem is solved and my entire family is saved from ultimate disaster. Amen.
Please pray for LynnBarbara FConnecticut
Please pray for my sister-in-law, Lynn. She is going through chemo and radiation, and she has been horribly sick from it. Please pray that God puts his healing hands on her. Thank you, Barbara.
For healing and a jobGiselleLouisiana
Need a job to help support my mom and son. Only have a small part-time job, and the bills are piling up. Also my joints, especially my knees, are in pain. Need healing. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you for them.
For biopsy to be benignLucille B.Roxas Oriental Mindoro
I would like to ask for a prayer that my mom, Lucille Tesorero, who will have a biopsy on Tuesday next week will be benign. She was diagnosed last 2014 with lung cancer, she was operated 2 yrs ago and had chemo. Last week lymph nodes were seen on her heart and neck, please help us pray that she be healed and that it will be benign. Thank you so much.
For a successful visa interviewNgangho N.Japan
Please pray for God to help me get all the documents that are needed for my visa interview and submit to the embassy. My visa interview will be on November 21, please pray that I should be issued the long-awaited visa in order to pursue my career abroad. Pray that God should protect me from all evil powers now and forever.
Please pray for Dr. Mark EricksonMarkTucson
Dr. Erickson is a friend of the Jesuits, now terminally ill from multiple myeloma, among other health issues. He would appreciate prayers.
For me and othersMariaAustralia
Pls pray God takes good care of Tibs all his life. He needs God to take care of him always. Pls pray if he is meant for me, God will make it possible. Pls pray that God enlightens him to be always good, kind, courteous & patient with me, love me unconditionally, be faithful to me always & take good care of me, help me financially & spiritually. Pray for Tibs' total Catholic conversion forever, for his cataracts operation to be successful without complications & quick recovery.
My Brother MatthewMichaelSaint Louis
Unblock family businessRicheeFlorida
We are in need of the Holy Father's blessings. We are very hard workers and have been struggling for many years with our family business. I beseech the Holy Father to please remove the blockages and allow our family business to generate a sustainable profit. In Jesus name, Amen.
Pass the examMindy A.USA
Please pray for my daughter to pass her exam. Thank you.
Protection and healingShellyColorado
Please pray for the Intercessors of the Trinity core team for their protection against all evil. Place us underneath his shield (Psalm 91) for spiritual protection.
Pray for all the intentions of those that come to our prayer group each Tues evening.
    Special prayers for:
  1. Carole-stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer
  2. Eileen- ALS
  3. Jim -colon cancer and spot on his liver
  4. Dave-cancer
  5. Jon & Noel-to conceive a child
  6. Brooke- neuroblastoma cancer
  7. Deacon Jerry-esophagus cancer which has gone to the liver and metastasized
  8. Kerby Family- for protection for all family members
  9. Jean-lung cancer with 4 very small lesions in her brain.
  10. Dave-healing of eyes
  11. Michaela-lung cancer
Blessings Shelly
My illnessSuzanne B.Denver
Please include me in your prayers, I am quite ill again, needing your prayers to help heal me. Thank you.
For myself and othersJeanne MarieMancos
O my Jesus, I beg You to always grant the whole Church Your love & the light of Your Spirit & always, always give power to the words of priests so that all hardened hearts might be brought to repentance & return fully to You.  Always accompany all priests, seminarians & novices everywhere & protect them from all of the devil's traps & snares which are continually being set for their souls. Always shatter & bring to naught all that might tarnish their sanctity for You can do all things. Endow each of them with the gifts of discernment so that they may correctly lead all of us back into full union with You. Grant that Your Divine Assistance remains with them always. Please always adequately fund all of Your seminarians without delay.
Pray for me, pleaseCaryl EagerNew Orleans
Might lose my home. I have no income.
For me and othersMariaAustralia
Maria L & family members, all loved ones, friends, neighbours, relatives, enemies, Tibs, Boyet & their conversions, KS, Mary Z & family, Dragan, Maria, MB, M, N, MP & family, CR, EI, Pres D, refugees, displaced, poor, hungry, sick, homeless, needy, the abused, poor souls in purgatory, world peace, good honest world leaders, conversion of sinners, espSJR, DL, BL, protect us from all evils, our protection from all catastrophes & calamities earthquakes etc, terrorist-free world, those in need of prayers, all safe & prosperous MD, C, all parishioners, Fr Carl & people I need to pray for.
For Dorothy TarrCindySt. Louis
My aunt, Dorothy Tarr, had major surgery in September and is recovering. Please pray for her.
Good health for dadJapManila
Please pray for him to recover and still have a quality life given his age.
I need prayer for my prayer requests to be fulfilled within the year 2017.
I would like to ask for prayers for fertility. I'm hoping to start a family. Thank you very much and God Bless!!!
Hi. I need prayer against unforgiveness and for me to receive the Holy Spirit fully into my life. I've been feeling depressed and lost. O Jesus, restore my relationship with my sister Bruna, asking for her forgiveness and break her silence towards me. She just won't talk to me. Please let the Lord open up her lips and talk to me so I can have peace. I need the Lord to break her silence. Everyone deserves a second chance or what's the point of forgiveness? She's making my life like Hell. She called me names and threw her cat at me. She's just angry and that's exactly what the devil wants. Cause he knows she's my only family and wants me to live on my own all my life with no sister and no one. I just can't sleep have no peace because of her silence. I don't understand. I feel pain in my heart.
Prayer for a wifeTonyWashington DC
Please pray that God would bless me with a wife soon - a woman that I'm absolutely crazy about, who loves the Lord. In Jesus' Name I ask. Amen.
For my wife Vanessa and marriageErnestSan Antonio
To whom it may concern, it is with a heavy heart and a shattered spirit that I reach out to you today. I am a stay at home father of 3 wonderful and special needs children. I have been now . . going on for 10 years. The mother of our children has walked out on us and we get by through government food stamps and what ever donations that the people, with their kindness, will bless us. Scot my 12 year old son suffers from a spectrum of Autism (aspergers) and A.D.H.D.; his mother moving out as abruptly as she did and without notice is affecting him the hardest . . sleepless nights, terrors, and the incessant sensations that he has been absolutely abandoned and doomed. My little boy cries out in the middle of the night asking--pleading for the soft gentle embrace of his mother's love, but sadl
Gratitude and ForgivenessJapManila
Thank you for the good health and blessings. May JK find forgiveness in his heart.
Today Sissy W. was told that her cancer is probably terminal. They've pretty much done everything they can. She has a six-year-old son. Please pray for them.
Good Health of a JesuitAgnesMalaysia
Dearest friends in Christ,

Please pray for thorough healing and good health of Fr. Peter Kim Se Mang, SJ. He is among the kindest, humble and self-sacrificing souls I have ever met. Please keep him in your prayers and intercede with the Lord for the well-being of this apostle of our time. Thank you.

Greetings from St. Francis Xavier Church, a Jesuit parish in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

HealthAndyOcala, Florida
Pray that I can find the right cardiologist. The doctors can't find what is wrong with my heart.
Obtaining a visa and protection from evilNgangho N.Japan
Please pray that my visa interview location should be rescheduled to my current country of residence, as I try to follow the procedure for rescheduling. Pray that I should carefully follow the visa interview procedure and that God in His infinite love may help me get a visa to travel abroad. Please pray also that God should protect me and the family to which I belong everyday from all evil and that I may remain strong in faith during this trial moment of my life.
For the soul of Otto KnutzenTomDenver, Colorado
Please pray for the repose of Otto Knutzen's soul and for the comfort of his wife and family.
Ahern FamilyJohnLimerick, Munster
Please pray for the Ahern family.
Former Jesuit seminarian - Mike W.Mark W.New Braunfels, Texas
Please pray for my brother, Mike, who is a truly spiritual person who is and has been suffering from liver cancer.
Jobs for Daniel and myselfJeanneMancos
St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Mary, through your intercessions and that of St. Joseph, please beg the Heavenly Father, in Jesus' name that my nephew Danny feels better about the unjust treatment he received from his former employer and that he finds a much better job soon. Thank You, Father and Jesus, for all You have done for us. Also, please give me something I really enjoy doing which no one will take away from me. This will be a huge miracle because of the free will You have given us which we abuse and use to abuse others. Amen.
That God will bless me with a wife to love and take care of.
Lisette W and my familyLisette WChicago, IL
That God will hear and answer my prayers and help me to find a job and resolve my defaulted student loans problem and protect me and my family and all people from evilness. Thank you.
Divine Protection for Hotel CShahanaKolkata, India
Please pray for Hotel C so that it does not go into wrong hands. Please save the hotel with your strong prayers so that it goes to the actual legal heirs, and that the conspirators fall flat at the Lord Jesus' feet because He is the Ultimate Savior of the world and knows the truth. Amen.
Friends and familyCarlosDenver
Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experienceing medical issues (Rosa M, Armando G, and Alaya Faith J). In Christ, Carlos V
For my sister-in-law LynnBarbaraEnfield, CT
Please pray for a healing for my sister-in-law Lynn. She was just diagnosed with brain cancer. Please pray for my brother Marty and their two sons for God's love to heal Lynn and guidance and God's love for all of them. In Jesus' name.
Safe pregnancyJennySingapore
Please pray for my daughter-in-law Carmen as she is in her first trimester of pregnancy. May Almight God grant her safe pregnancy, bless her with a healthy and normal baby, bless her husband too. Guide and protect Mother and baby from all dangers and harms and Zika virus which is dangerous to pregnant women.
Thank you God and trust that God will listen and answer. Thank you for all your prayers.
Good health and happy relationshipsJapPhilippines
Heal my asthma and sickness of loved ones; heal relationships and have peace.
Please pray for Stephanie. In addition to battling lupus, she has developed painful cellulitis that is not responding to antibiotics.
Extremely urgent!Maria TeresaFlorida
I desperately need deliverance and healing from demonic activity: it's been in my body for too much time. Success with home employment (with the application process and getting hired). I've had no income for quite some time; a steady year round paycheck; I'm very behind in my rent. Please help!
For a child & a jobCarolUAE
Kindly pray for me and my husband that we may be blessed with the gift of children. We are childless for more than 10 years. Please also pray for my husband that he may find a good job. Thank you and may God bless you!
HealingJoelLos Angeles
Please pray the Lord heals my mind and learning disability so that I can continue my education and serve in medicine.
Protection, conversion, and aidNgangho NelsonCameroon
Please pray for God to protect me and my family from every every evil. Pray for the conversion of my parents. Pray for God's protection that I may travel abroad in safety. Pray for God's assistance in helping me find a good life partner.
Prayer of healingJoWheaton, IL
Pleaser pray for Paul C for God's grace, strength and healing. He is fighting cancer that's returned since surgery in January.
For the Trinity Core teamShellyLittleton, CO
Please pray for the spiritual protection of the Intercessors of the Trinity core team. Special prayers for:
  1. Carole - stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer
  2. Eileeen - ALS
  3. Paul - brain cancer, paralyzed on left side, for hope and healing, very weak and tired, on oxygen, shallow breathing
  4. Micah (Paul's wife) - for strength, lost 2 children 27 & 17 unexpectedly over the last 6 years and still having a very hard time dealing with the loss
  5. Shawn - alcoholism
  6. Lori - ovarian cancer
A prayer to Jesus to rebuild my friendship with my friend Bruna. We commit a sin and now she and the pastors want me out of the church, no one in the church will talk to me anymore and the worse is seeing her reject me for our sin. I can't take this, Jesus. She won't talk to me cause the pastors and people won't allow her. Please ask God to change that cause God is in charge and not people; also for her not be ashamed of me and the sin we comitted anymore. She's my only family and turned back on me for a mistake we both committed, please ask the Lord Jesus to get inside her heart to forgive me and be filled with love for me again and be my family again. I even just lost my job which will make it difficult for me to go to the church as much as I am working around here.
Prayer for priestsJeanneSW Colorado
O my Jesus, I beg You to always grant the whole Church Your love & the light of Your Spirit & always, always give power to the words of priests so that all hardened hearts might be brought to repentance & return fully to You, always accompany all priests, seminarians & novices everywhere & protect them from all of the devil's traps & snares which are continually being set for the souls of priests, seminarians & novices. Always shatter & bring to naught all that might tarnish the sanctity of priests, seminarians & novices, for You can do all things. Endow each of them with the gifts of discernment so that they may correctly lead all of us back into full union with You. Grant that Your Divine Assistance remains with them always. Thank You for all You have done for us. Amen
Prayers RequestedVendalaUSA
Please pray and pray for spiritual health for all listed:
Bella: Mental and physical health, school and relationships.
Matt and Jeni: Parenting their young son.
Ben & Aidan: School
Michael: Cancer
Liz and family: Grief over tragic loss of young son (20).
Mary & Charley: Grief over tragic loss of son (45).
Pat: Physical health
Chris: Emotional crisis
Jean Paul: Blood disease. Upcoming surgery and physical health
Sean: Parkinson's at 37.
Dwight: Cluster headaches, marriage
Tristan: Parenting his young children
Jessica: Mental health, relationships, school
Katie: Drug addiction
Paul: His businesses are suffering and losing money. He wants to sell.
Peggy: Mental and Physical Health
Dawn Manfredi
Rev. Charlie DeisterChuckSaint Louis, MO
Fr. Deister resides at St. Agnes home. He was a role model for me in my teenage years. Years of playing softball and ice skating with special olympics hockey players has physically caught up with him.
Miracles to touch my heartJosephinIna
Father, please help me, You know my pain, You always know what was happened. You see everything, I came with a broken heart. I need You, I can't cover this any longer, too hard to breathe, I'm desperate. Please forgive me, please forgive my sin and his sin too. Father, You know how long i have waited, please don't leave me. I am still waiting for the miracle to come. Please help me, He swore over the name of the Father to cover up the truth, please God soften his heart. I can't touch his heart but Lord can be, Please touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I always try to be strong, but to be honest I was hurt very deeply. Please help me God, I put the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please give miracles for me.
That me and my boyfriend get back togetherSarahPasadena
That me and my boyfriend get back together and that he finds it in his heart to forgive me and that I learn to correct my faults.
Prayer for healing and successMiksPhilippines
Lord, please guide me in everything that I do. I am so confused of what is happening in my life now. Please God shower me your blessings to understand and love others. Please touch their hearts also Lord that they will better understand me. Deliver me from my enemies Oh God. Heal me Lord, I needed your hug right now Amen.
Protection, conversion, & successNgagho N.Cameroon
Please pray that God may continue to protect me and the family to which I belong from all evil and that He may grant conversion to many members of the family. Pray that God should help me find the girl I am destined to marry, a beautiful and God fearing girl who will complement me. Pray that God may help me to obtain the visas I am waiting to have and that He should protect me from every evil power that may want to stop me from traveling. Pray for a successful stay abroad.
SalvationRyanLos Angeles
Please pray that my friend Chelsea finds Christ. She is in medicine and has the opportunity to reach many people, but is surrounded by darkness.
Miracle HealingRosanaTorrance, California
Ada Charisse Espanola had a car accident last January. Till this day she is still in the hospital and unconscious. Per the latest CT scan, her left brain is dead and one eye damaged.
A prayer for clarityKevinUSA
I believe God is leading me to make some major changes in my life. Please pray that I hear His voice with confirmaton, wisdom, and clear understanding.
Please pray that Bella and Sebastian's relationship be healed by love, compassion and forgiveness.
Protection and HealingShellyColorado

Please pray for the Intercessors of the Trinity core team for their protection against all evil. Place us underneath his shield (Psalm 91) for spiritual protection.

Pray for all the intentions of those that come to our prayer group each Tues evening.

Special prayers for:
(1 ) Carole - stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer
(2) Eileen - ALS
(3) Paul - brain cancer 20% growth over last 2 months, for hope and healing
(4) Shawn - alcoholism
(5) Lori - ovarian cancer
(6) Tommy - (19 yr) broken spine paralyzed from neck down
(7) Liam - downs syndrome
(8) Jon & Noel - to conceive a child
(9) Dave - healing of his eyes
(10) Brooke - (11 yr), neuroblastoma cancer
(11) Clay - (11 yr) rare form of brain cancer
(12) Drea - fractured shoulder, for quick healing

Blessings Shelly
Healing after surgeryRachelMarkham, Canada
Ricardo is experiencing serious complications after surgery.
HealingMary AnneUnited States
That I can return to a constant state of good health and maintain it for many years to come.
Healing updatePaulW Pawlet, VT

Update on Susan and Megan:

Thank you for your prayers.

Susan got the all-clear on her biopsy report. However, she is still experiencing some abdominal pain.

Megan made it to her son's First Reconciliation last Sunday. While she looked radiant, her next surgery to remove more cancerous tissue is July 6th. The doctors have to wait for her to heal from her previous one.

Please continue to keep both in your prayers.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thes 5:16-18.